Your Bisbee Hot & Spicy Team Always Having Fun




Bisbee Hot & Spicy is the HOTTEST place in Bisbee, AZ 


Sweet & Mild to Hot & Wild

 We have over 70 items, most of them are open and free to try with with our crackers or chips.  You will find Hollerin Hot Sauces, Sassy Sauces (grilling & marinade), Screamin Salsa’s, Spankin Spices, Blazin Bloody Mary mixes, Obnoxious Stuffed Olives, Crazy Condiments, Bisbee Barkin BBQ sauces, Jerkin Jerky and A full line of Shit Spices (yes, you read that right; take a look and buy a Shit Box while you are at it)  
We also have Pepper Seeds, a variety of jewelry, Gift Boxes, Flasks, Spankin Sticks, Hot Mess Wooden Spoons and tons of other stuff to choose from.  

We use a heat scale of 0 to 10 although we like to bust through the scale.  You’ll find several items that have a heat range above the  10 scale; all the way up to a 28!  Experience the hottest pepper on the planet – – the Carolina Reaper.  We call it Be Flamin cuz it will flame your mouth if you are not careful.  


Some of our Featured Items